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"My thanks also goes to Pamela for developing the needle grabbersTM. I dispensed about 23 so far to my group. Have more ladies starting in another two weeks when we meet again, and I will try to remember to get feedback. The initial reaction was fantastic!!" -Judy Cellars, The Villages, Florida
"...thanks to Pamela for sending out the needle grabbersTM. They are GREAT! If you haven't ordered yours, do so! I work with pretty tight coils and sometimes my finger would just get raw from pulling the thread through, and this has put an end to that!...I've been way busy and haven't been able to spend as much time as usual on my baskets, so when I did get back to coiling, I was just thrilled to use my new little aid! Thank you again, Pamela!!" - Jeanie Weber,
"I got mine and i LOVE them! "
- Donna Becker, Ellensburg, WA
"I absolutely love the grabbersTM. I've been thanking you with every stitch! They're going to make my coiling much easier. Thank you again and again and again!!! "
- Nancy Timmons, Prineville, OR
I received the grabbers the other day and they are great!!! I am going to share them with other coilers this weekend. I have used secretary rubber fingers, but I like the grabbers so much better.
Great idea!

Curry Wolfe. Encinitas, CA
Thank your for sending the needle grabbers...I love them and they really help a lot. Paypal is a great way to pay and so easy. - Betty Keating
"My students have told me they are loving them. And now that I have had time to play some and get some more work done - they are awesome! No more losing my little rubber grabber strip that I always used before!" - Pam Talsky, Waterford, WI
"I coil very tightly, so sometimes I have trouble pulling the needle through the bundle. If it weren't for the Needle GrabberTM I'd be using my pliers much more often. Not only does it save me time, it saves my finger as well. "
Lynn Hoyt, Blount's Creek, NC

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