Pamela Zimmerman's
Needle Grabber TM

NOW in sizes!

One for every finger on your hand!

SMALL = tan
LARGE = black (a limited number of tan large are available by request)

All pieces are priced the same.
If you do not specify your preference when ordering, duo packs will include equal pieces Original Needle GrabbersTM(red) and Thumb GrabbersTM sizes.
The Needle GrabberTM
fits most people's index fingers,
some people's thumbs

The Thumb Grabber TM
Regular fits thumbs and some large index fingers

Together, they form
The Needle Grabber TM Duo!
you may need to find your own combination of needle and thumb grabbersTM to fit your hand.

Now, for people with small fingers and children:
The Needle Grabber TM Small!
Please remember that ALL Needle Grabbers TM are a choke hazard and are not to be used by children under the age of three, or who put things in their mouths!

This is a tool originated and distributed by Pamela Zimmerman, Founder/Owner of the Pine Needle Group.

from satisfied customers
"I don't think I will make another basket without one. "
- Karen Thaler, Zephyrhills, FL
"Just got to try my needle noodles(grand sons name for them)and love them. Coiler for thirty years with a very calloused index finger. Hopefully it will soften now." - Caroll Loomis
Caroll's grandson is three and his name is Teal (after the duck)
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Pamela says:

"I have used these Needle GrabbersTM for years, but I only had a few, not enough to share. Now, finally, I have found a source for these great tools, and so am able to share them with my students and friends!

"Needle GrabbersTM are worn on the pad or ball of your index finger and/or thumb, above the first joint. They are made of fine quality rubber, and are thick and durable. They slip right over the end of the finger, even if you have long nails.

"I am a tight coiler, and when the coil is very hard, it can be difficult to get the needle through the coil. There is often a great deal of drag on the binder. The Needle GrabberTM allows me to pull the needle and binder through the coil with much more ease, without the lost time of putting down the needle and picking up needle-nosed pliers. It increases my coiling pace, reducing the time it requires me to complete each piece.

"I use this tool whenever I coil, whether bundling pine needles, horsehair, or binding a single rod. It greatly relieves the stress on all my joints, in fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, right up to the neck. I have chronic neck and wrist problems, and see a chiropractor regularly. My neck doctor can tell when I have neglected to use my Needle GrabberTM, because my neck problems are much worse!

"These little helpers are so easy to wear. I often forget I have one on. I don't need to take it off to add to the core...indeed, it also aids in pulling sheaths/fascicles off pine needle ends. When I put down my work, I often forget to take the The Needle GrabberTM off, and people ask me what it is!

"Even with daily use, they are durable and last for months. When they start to wear out, i often turn them inside out and they last for months more!

"I am excited to have these simple little fingertip tools to offer to my students. My classes are going to love them!"

*If you have latex allergies, please check with your doctor before wearing. Latex is a highly refined form of rubber.

Prices & How to Order
Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs
Pamela's artwork

"Pamela Zimmerman's Needle Grabber", TM 2011